How can I own so many shades of red lipstick? This isn’t all of them, just the few I found lying around my bathroom and various handbags dotted around the house. If I checked my huge bathroom cupboard I’m sure I could find dozens more. In fact, there are so many that I reckon I could pay a month off my mortgage if I could return them…

Why do I have so many red lipsticks? I have absolutely no idea? I don’t even wear red anymore. I tend to stick to brown unless I’m on a night out (very rare these days). The reason I don’t wear red is because in my case it doesn’t stay put, and if you don’t constantly re-apply it you end up looking like you’ve got your lips lined with a big red felt tip pen by the end of the day. My hair is also red at the moment (I’m brunette) and it’s a tricky shade to match.

Favourites? Well, my favourite brands for lipsticks are Chanel, YSL and Dior, although my daughter favours NARS and MAC.

Looking at shades, well both Chanel and Dior have discontinued my favourite colours (or possibly renamed them which is what they like to do for marketing purposes), so having been back to the tester counter my recommendations would be:

For brunettes my preferences would be: Chanel Rouge Allure – Passion (28), Dior Rouge Dior 4578 Paris or MAC Ruby Woo

For red heads (my shade is L’Oreal Feria P76 Spice Power) my preferences would be: Chanel Rouge Allure – Rouge Rebelle (172), Dior Rouge Dior 844 Trafalgar or MAC Red Rock

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  1. Kani's view says:

    Ha ha. I so know what you mean. I recently discovered I have a LOT of coppery maroon shades lying in my bag!

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