Dresses, Dresses and more Dresses

I’m going to give you a sneaky peak into my wardrobe.

I don’t even know what’s hiding in those drawers these days…

I say sneaky peak because I have to work myself up to blogging about fashion, it’s not really my favourite subject and in all honesty I’m not really that interested in it. What I am interested in is beautiful clothes. I love fine tailoring, I love craftsmanship, I love texture, I love colour, I love beautiful fabrics, and I love design, but most of all I love finding things that will last forever.

After more than two and a half decades of collecting high end clothes (and not wearing them very often, I prefer lycra these days) I think I can say I’m expert in knowing what clothes will last from season to season. I know this because I still wear dresses from 25 year’s ago and people ask me where they are from (incidentally, I never throw, or give anything away, or sell them, so everything I’ve ever bought resides in my wardrobe – hence the crush). In my opinion I don’t even need to update them with ‘this years new accessories’; some clothes just stand on their own.

My favourite designers happen to be British, I don’t know why, but what I do know is that they appear to be the most expensive – to me anyway. I think British designers are the most original, they seem to break boundaries and experiment more with fabrics, textures, colour and shapes than anyone else. Without doubt my go-to designer is Vivienne Westwood. I’ve worn her clothes for longer than I care to remember and if I was given a choice of wearing only one designer for the rest of my life it would have to be her. But I don’t collect her clothes (mainly because I wear them out); I collect, when I can afford them Mary Katrantzou, Preen, Christopher Kane, Peter Pilotto, Alexander McQueen, Simone Roche and Victoria Beckham (never thought I’d say that!).

That’s not to say I don’t wear other designers, I do. I wear pretty much anyone if I like the look of the piece. I love what the Australian designers (especially Camilla) are doing and of course who doesn’t love Chanel (I’m lucky enough to own two suits and an amazing leather jacket thanks to my loving partner).

summer frocks.JPG
A selection of summer frocks by Saloni, Leitmotive and Camilla

I also like (note like, not love) accessories and have enough shoes to shod my daughter’s entire school but I don’t drool over them like I used to, preferring to wear biker boots with anything these days including kaftans. My favourite shoe designer is also British, and young, Sophia Webster – I own about seven pairs of her shoes and some painful looking boots, but I’ve never worn any of them, they are just too beautiful to wear.

I like bags and jewellery too, (who doesn’t) and one day soon I’ll dig out my bags and write about what each one has meant to me over the years, I’m sure if I think hard enough each one will have a funny tale to tell.

But, what I love most is dresses, I’ve not counted but there must be close to 2000 dresses in my wardrobe – there are at least 100 ball gowns (because of course I go to a ball once a week – not!). What I love about dresses is that you don’t need to think about your outfit. No real accessorising required and if the dress is long you don’t even have to worry about your shoes!

Dresses have always been fashionable and are able to transcend seasons. These days it doesn’t matter if it’s tight, or loose, short or long as long. As long as you feel comfortable in it I say wear it. My favourite dresses are the ones with the biggest patterns and the most colour. I love wearing winter dresses in Summer with a pair of ballet pumps or sandals and Summer dresses in Winter with a pair of Walford 70 denier tights, fur cardi and boots. Dresses are very adaptable (my mother wears them with trousers – obviously I wouldn’t be seen dead doing this), but more importantly they are cost effective as you only have to invest in one item as opposed to two or maybe even three to make a complete outfit.

Wardrobe collage.jpg
A sample of dresses hiding in my wardrobe…

So, when I can bear it, I’ll dig out some of my favourite dresses to show you and if you’re lucky I may even put them on, but until then enjoy the short video of my over cramped, crushed and untidy wardrobe.

Some of my favourite designers:








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