Bircher Muesli

We’ve been eating porridge in our household each morning for about four years (Winter and Summer) and to be frank, despite its healthy benefits, we’re all getting a bit bored with it.

So, in an effort to stay healthy in the morning, and change up our routine a bit I’ve gone mad for Bircher muesli.

It’s relatively easy to make and you can add whatever fruit, nuts and seeds you fancy. The huge benefit to me is that you can make up a large quantity and leave it in the fridge to eat all week.

Here’s my recipe:

Jordans Organic Porridge oats (Chunky Traditional) – half cup her portion

Alpro Coconut Almond – 100 ml per portion

Fresh raspberries

Fresh blueberries

Teaspoon of flax seed (optional)

Teaspoon of match powder (optional)

Dates – chopped

Nuts – roughly chopped


Pumpkin seeds

Grated fresh apple – half an apple per portion

Mix it all together, portion into glasses (I find it’s easier that way), cling proof the lid and pop in the fridge.

I make up five portions for the week on Sunday night and it tastes just as good on a Friday as it does on a Monday.



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