#Dermalogica saved my skin, and my life.

I’ve never had great skin. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have bad acne or anything, but I always had spots and it knocked my confidence and self-esteem. Right from my teenage years all the way through my twenties and even into my thirties I had spots. And not just the occasional one, I had them all across my chin and sometimes round my mouth, however, when I hit thirty-three several things changed.

  1. I gave up my very, very stressful job to go freelance.
  2. I got pregnant.
  3. By chance I started using Dermalogica products.

I have no idea whether it was one thing, or the other, or a combination of all three, but what I can say is that since the day I started using Dermalogica products I have rarely suffered with a spot, not even at the time of the month.

In addition, despite never having had a facial (I hate people touching my face), and certainly never resorting to Botox or fillers; people tell me I look younger than I did ten years ago. I can only put this down to a good diet and nutrition, a less stressful life, of course and the sole use of Dermalogica products.

The funny thing about Dermalogica is that it’s actually not that expensive. They don’t spend £000’s on marketing campaigns, instead choosing to market through smaller beauty boutiques, spas and online beauty retailers (although I know that its Face Mapping ® Concept is now widely available in larger department stores like Harvey Nichols, Fenwick and Selfridges). Plus, the products go a long, long way, so you only need to spend about £300 a year to keep your skin looking great.

Derma pic.JPG
My Dermalogica skin saviours

So, if like me, you suffer from maddeningly irritating spots and have combination and, ahem, slightly premature aging skin I’d highly recommend the following products -which I use every single day.

I buy my products online from www.logicalskincare.co.uk They always have great offers on ,with a free monthly gift if you spend over a certain amount. You can also pick loads of samples according to how much you spend. Plus if you spend over £60 First Class postage is free.









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