For the love of #Zara

My daughter loves Zara and no matter where in the world we seem to be, there’s always one on every street corner.

Having established (on the plane no less) that there are several in Stockholm – where we are currently spending half term – she made it her mission to make a pitstop at one before we’d even so much as looked at a map – much to her father’s annoyance.

Rather than leave her to moan for days we headed straight there (handily one is situated opposite the hotel where we are staying), on the strict instruction that she was not to complain, about anything, for the next four days.

She had too many favourites to mention, but she did manage to persuade me  into buying her these items for Spring.

Frill and patches dress £25.99

Frilled bucket bag £29.99

Biker jacket with stars and studs £59.99

Leather ankle boots with buckles £69.99

I’ve got to say, when she’s at school I may well be sneaking into her wardrobe to borrow them!


Image source: Zara

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