Help! My daughter borrows my clothes.

My daughter has been borrowing my clothes for a few years now. She’s not very old, in fact she’s not even a teenager, she is however very tall for her age (5ft 6″ to my 5ft 7″).
I have no idea why she likes to wear my clothes, it’s certainly not for fashion reasons, she’s too young to be influenced by that yet. Maybe it’s just because they’re bigger on her and she likes ‘roomy’ things.

Wolf in sheeps clothing aka my daughter: Wearing Zoe Karsson t-shirt and shorts from Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply

What she doesn’t realize (yet) is that my clothes are usually expensive.

Today, for instance she’s ‘dossing’ around in an Alexander Wang knitted hoody which cost me around £380 a few years ago and a pair of £200 Sorel boots.

I’m really dreading the teenage years. Whilst I’m obsessed with fashion and have worked hard throughout my career to be able to wear beautiful designer clothes, I’m conscious not to influence her, or create a monster clothes snob out of her. I don’t want her growing up to be a pretentious, show off, neither do I what her borrowing my much loved and precious pieces!

My only hope is that with six years of growing left, she won’t be able to fit into anything by the time she’s realized her Mother’s got an extensive treasure trove of clothing, therefore saving me from having to put a lock on my wardrobe door

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  1. katejones1 says:

    Haha! She has good taste 🙂 I remember being allowed to wear my mother’s purple pixie boots from Bally and I treated them like gold dust X

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    1. tuttisweetie says:

      Ooh, me too. I borrowed my mum’s Chelsea girl kaftans. I felt so grown up! X


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