#Abba – Lycra, sequins, feathers, spandex glitter and dungarees

If you ever get chance to visit Stockholm, the Abba museum is a must.
Of course their music speaks for itself, 400 million records sold worldwide, but from a fashion perspective, the chance to see some of their show costumes makes the entrance fee seriously worth the investment (208 SEK at time of writing).

My favourite selection – I’d wear all these now!

Abba have been well documented in fashion circles for years for their love of Lycra and spandex. Their flamboyant stage costumes, which may have looked dated in the ’90s certainly wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk now.

Of course Lycra isn’t flattering for everyone, certainly the girls didn’t look as super slim on stage as they clearly were. I couldn’t get one leg in one of Agneta’s jumpsuits now and I wear size 27″ jeans. And interestingly the boy’s costumes are equally as tiny.

Who doesn’t love dungarees

The men behind the stage costumes (Owe Sandstrom and the tailor Lars Wigenius of Artistdressing in Stockholm) aren’t widely praised or globally know in fashion circles and yet they should be applauded for their use of materials and embellishments and the creation of a trend which is still very current today.

These are the museums favourite – you can buy t-shirts, towels and key rings with this design

One other thing to note is that both Frieda and Agneta were closely involved in the design of their costumes – I think that comes through when you study the individuality of their outfits.

Frieda in particular was especially interested in fashion and used to make her own costumes, in fact she even has a degree in pattern design – when on the earth did she have the time?

Stunning – decades old and they still retain their vibrancy

Some people have more than their fair share of talent don’t they, sometimes life just isn’t fair!


TuttiSweetie x

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