Winter, move on please

What I’m Wearing Today – #ootd – JBrand Jeans, Mary Katrantzou Jumper, Furry Coat

I hate this time of year in the UK. I hate it from the moment the clocks turn back (in October) to the moment they go forward (in March). And even then I hate it because the weather doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

I know we have changing global weather patterns, and I also appreciate that we don’t suffer from the most extreme weather conditions unlike many other countries, but what we do suffer from is more damp, wet, dull miserable weather than anyone else and we have no consistency, not even a few days…

So, dressing for the weather has become a national pastime. What bugs me most is that you can’t decide the night before what you’re going to wear tomorrow because when you wake up in the morning, the weather is not what was promised. And you can’t even buy what you want to wear because fashion is dictated by two main seasons. This drives me crackers, particularly when, like many other people, I’m juggling a child, work and homelife.

Today, after my brave attempt at going sleeveless earlier this week, I’m back to jeans, furry coat and jumper. I prefer dresses these days – for comfort (doing body pump four times a week is making wearing skinny jeans somewhat of a challenge). I do like this look but without the neon pink furry jacket I just feel drab (I was wearing it with a Karl Donoghue black shearling jacket earlier but couldn’t handle it). I’ve also got knee high boots on to complete the ensemble and make it a bit more directional.

FullSizeRender copy 4.jpg
Boring in all black
Tomorrow, I know is going to be a trauma. It’s back to work/school after a week’s half term break and I have a big meeting in the office. I  know exactly what I want to wear (at this moment in time) but the likelihood is, at 7.00am tomorrow morning, I’ll be running round the bedroom like a manic changing my whole outfit because I’ll need to factor in the need to wear wellington boots.

Anyway, tomorrow is tomorrow. For all those, like me – going back to school/work – good luck!

TuttiSweetie x

FullSizeRender copy 3.jpg
JBrand Jeans and Mary Katranzou jumper


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