Little Black (Leather) Jacket

I am the queen of leather jackets. I wear them all year round no matter what the weather or the occasion.

My favourite leather jacket is a Preen one (that’s me wearing it in the pictures above and below)  which I bought about six years ago. It’s ruched and patched and fitted and it goes with absolutely everything. It was expensive when I bought it – about £850 from memory – and it’s quite faded now which I think gives it more charm. I’ve recently tried to limit the wear and tear on it and to extend its life I’ve swapped over to the more affordable Muubaa brand which I wear daily and I can highly recommend.

My dream leather jacket would be a Rick Owens biker, but at upwards of £1,200  I just can’t justify the price tag. Particularly not when you can get a decent quality and almost identical design by Muubaa for a fraction of the price.

In winter I layer them with coats, fleeces and furry wrap-arounds, but in Summer I find they are the perfect accompaniment to a flirty summer dress (and in some cases a ballgown – I’ve been known to wear both to Glyndebourne).

Preen – look at the beautiful patchwork detail and ruched sleeves.


The other thing about a leather jacket is that you can wear them no matter what your age, size or shape making them a worthwhile investment, as you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

So, with spring (hopefully) just around the corner I’ll be stocking up on what I consider to be an essential wardrobe staple and if you want to too, check out my recommendations below:


From left to right clockwise:

Zara £149. Buy here:

McQ by Alexander McQueen at £875. Buy here:

Topshop £165. Buy here:

Muubaa @ £187.50. Buy here:

Muubaa @ £236.25. Buy here:

Rick Owens at £1430. Buy here:

Whilst black is the obvious choice to go with everything, and this jacket (below) probably won’t go with anything aside from black, I really can’t resist adding it as it’s gorgeous! I’m going to start saving now!

Mira Mikati @ £1065

Buy here:

Happy shopping!

TuttiSweetie x



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