It’s not only my daughter that borrows my clothes – my friends do too!

The problem with having an extensive wardrobe is that you sort of become a clothes-lending librarian.

Not a weekend goes by without me answering a sartorial SOS.

This week’s crisis came from a friend who’s attending a huge charity ball – on Saturday – and she’s not got a thing to wear (it’s Friday, how has she not given this some thought?).

Fortunately for her, and the rest of my friends, I have just about every single item of clothing you could ever want in my wardrobe to cover any occasion, from a meeting with the Queen (you never know), to an expedition to the summit of Everest.

Tasked with a “can you find me a dress which I can borrow to wear to a ball?” request at 10.30pm last night threw me into a bit of a panic though, particularly as she wanted to try them on this morning.

But, knowing my friend well (a friendship spanning 25 years) I knew a. she’d only wear black, b. she wouldn’t wear anything longer than knee length, and c. she likes to look classic and understated (unlike me, I like to look ‘wild and different’).

So what, from my extensive wardrobe did I pick for her to wear you ask?

Well, it was tough, I’ve got to say, if I was given an invite to a ball I’d be going full on ball gown and tiara, but the choices I made for her were simple.

I selected four options (from left to right) : By Malene Birger ruched mini dress, Vivienne Westwood metallic stretch jersey dress, Needle and Thread long sleeved embellished knee length dress and lastly an old Vivienne Westwood taffeta knee length cocktail dress.


I know which one she’ll wear. I know which one she’ll look best in and if was me choosing I’d go for the same – the Vivienne Westwood taffeta number (far right). I reckon I could easily have been a celebrity stylist in a former life…

I’ve told her to dress it up, pile it high with pearls and killer heels (maybe some fishnet tights – bet she won’t do this – too directional for her). Whatever she’ll look fabulous anyway.

Vivienne Westwood Black Taffeta

Vivienne Westwood never goes out of style – her clothes simply aren’t fashionable, they transcend years, in fact they transcend decades. She has the best pattern cutters in the business and her clothes are flattering for everyone no matter what shape  or age you are. My first ‘designer item’ was from Vivienne Westwood three decades ago and I hopefully, if I don’t run out of money before, I’ll still be buying and wearing her clothes in another three decades when I’m a Great-Grandma!

TuttiSweetie x

PS. The dress above is ancient (good designs never go out of fashion) but if you like this look you can buy similar ones here.


IMG_7051 copy.JPG
Both new season Vivienne Westwood

Purple and black taffeta dress. £1,980.
Buy here:

Draped black dress: £295.
Buy here:




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