Lush Love

I’ve just tidied up my daughter’s bathroom and this is what I’ve found:

12 Lush shower jellies

6 bottles of Lush body conditioner

4 Lush lip scrubs

22 Lush (crumbling) bathbombs

15 bars of soap from Lush

6 unopened Lush gift sets

Seriously, how many products can one own from Lush?

Clearly she’s been saving them up for some time (aren’t they fresh? Do they go off?), but still, for anyone this is a lot of product, and at the average price of £4 per bath bomb it’s a lot of expense.

My daughter’s bathroom shelf

I’m not a massive beauty addict. Sure, I love beauty products. I love to try out new cosmetics and I bath in Keihl’s lavender bath soak almost every night, so I’ll admit I do like luxury. But I am surprised by my daughter’s growing obsession with pampering products (see previous post on MAC Cosmetics), mainly since as she’s not quite a teenager yet her personal hygiene is not at the top of her to do list.

What’s more distressing, for me as an ever-broke parent is that she’s quite fussy where she gets her bathroom products from too. There’s no chance of me trying to fob her off with Tesco’s own branded shower gel when the only own brand she will entertain is Sephora.

FullSizeRender copy 2.jpg
Soap – loving the Gay one!

But, back to Lush, I don’t know whether it’s the colour, the smell or the fact that they are packaged up like sweeties in a sweet shop that attracts her?

Personally, I hate the smell of the Lush shops, you can smell them a mile off, they are so overpowering, if I had to work there daily I’d have to wear a mask. But I do applaud their vision and entreprenurialship; they’ve created a brand that transcends cultures and nations. Wherever you go in the world (fortunately for my daughter, unfortunately for me) there is a Lush shop and this is clearly the reason why she has so much of it.

We’re off to Singapore soon and I know there’s a Lush store there – I’ve checked – and if I were to put money on it, this is what I reckon she’ll be buying for spring.

New products which will be in my daughter’s bathroom soon…

From left to right clockwise:

One day very soon I’m hoping that she’ll actually start to use her Lush products and smell beautiful, either that, or I’ll just have to open up my own franchise.

TuttiSweetie x

PS. My favourite bath product is Kiehl’s Lavender Foaming Relaxing Bath with Sea Salts and Aloe – pricey at £28 but one bottle lasted me a year.

Buy here:


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