Christopher Kane – Day 1 – 72

I reckon I must be one of the biggest ambassadors for British fashion. And I don’t just mean like people who get paid to promote brands. Or those that are given clothes to sashay around in. I mean by someone who actually invests in clothes that are British designed and wears them on a regular basis.

It struck me yesterday when an old-ish Christopher Kane dress that I posted on Instagram got almost 100 likes (a lot for me, I’ve only got 450 followers), including the man himself, that I own enough Christopher Kane to wear every day for a couple of months. So that’s what I’ve decided to do. This is going to be a bit of a challenge from a British weather perspective, but I figure I can layer up with cardigans and wear 70 denier tights and knee high boots (which I have in abundance) so I’ll give it a go.

I’ve loved Christopher Kane for over a decade and I’ve been collecting his clothes throughout that period (when I could afford it). In my opinion his clothes are elegant with an edge, which is why they suit me. The other thing that struck me whilst I was trying on all my clothes – some of which I haven’t worn for at least half a decade – is that they haven’t aged. In fact, they look better on me now than they did when I bought them (the yoga perhaps?). The other thing is that you don’t need to accessorise, in any way, it’s just not necessary, the detail, pattern and texture of the fabrics he uses speak for themselves.

Anyway, I’ll be posting daily for as long as I can and then I’ll put all my looks up on this page. By the time I’ve finished I hope to be able to move onto another British designer, Peter Pilotto perhaps, since I own most of his SS collections from the past decade too!

Until then here are some of my favourite looks from his latest AW show. I hope I’ll be adding some of these to my collection come next winter.

My favourite Christopher Kane looks from AW 17

Here are the first 72 days.

Days 1 – 61-6.JPG

Day 7-12


Days 13 -18

Day 19-24


Day 25 – 30

Day 31-36IMG_0165.JPG

Day 37 – 42


Day 43 – 48


Day 49 – 54IMG_0950.JPG

Day 55 – 60

Day 61 – 66

Day 67 – 72

TuttiSweetie x


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