Since when did piercings come back into fashion?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m delighted, the reason being I pierced my right ear multiple times about twenty eight years ago (must have been going through the punk phase!), much to the distress of my father, who incidentally didn’t notice for about twenty weeks.

Several years after the ice, cork and vodka anaesthesia I applied for a job for the long defunct airline Britannia as an air-hostess. God knows why? I had a good job, I was clearly just bored and wanted to escape England (which I’ve been trying to do ever since without much luck).

Anyway, the upshot of my daylong interrogation (interview) was that whilst I was a whizz at maths, essential for calculating the value of the snack cart, my appearance left a lot to be desired vis multiple piercings and chewed to the bone nails.

I was gutted, not because I didn’t get the job – I’m glad I didn’t, I went on to much better things – but because the female interviewer was so offensive, and being an impressionable young girl, I removed all my earrings and haven’t worn them since!

Well, not until Maria Tash arrived at Liberty London last year and made them cool again that is. Now I wear all eight (two in my left ear, six in my right) and much to the amusement of my daughter nobody in my family has actually noticed (well, they’ve not commented anyway).

I don’t like matching earrings; never have, so every single one is different. What I’d really like is a collection of loops and studs (from Maria Tash – if I win the lottery), mainly because I’d never have to take them out and I could sleep easily (it’s very painful sleeping on six studs).

So, given the choice and £5,000 I’d be wearing these from Maria Tash – from left to right clockwise:


Diamond eternity ring earlobe £353

Buy here: http://ow.ly/IGsk309FA17 

¼ Opal single spike non rotating ring £206

Buy here: http://ow.ly/JtmA309FA8r

18 Karat rose gold diamond earring £320

Buy here: http://ow.ly/KoaP309FAyz

18 Karat white Gold, diamond and opal earring £1,325

Buy here: http://ow.ly/w3ZC309FAot

Diamond, sapphire and yellow gold earring £228

Buy here: http://ow.ly/IaEa309FAE3

Diamond three spike eternity ring

Buy here: http://ow.ly/BIBA309FAJ7

Incidentally, right now, just so you know, I’m actually wearing my daughter’s earrings from Claire’s whilst I save up.

TuttiSweetie x





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