My Love of Lycra

I’ve got an obsession with Lycra. For anyone reading my blog regularly they’ll already know I’ve got an obsession with dresses. My love of Lycra is for the same reason, like dresses it’s easy (and comfortable) to wear.

I spend a lot of time at the gym. I try to go at least five times a week. For years I loved the hard-core cardio body conditioning classes. I like to sweat when I work out and I like to feel out of breath (no pain no gain eh!). However, just recently (age creeping up on me?) I’ve had to change my fitness routine to more strength and conditioning work such as Pilates and Yoga, which has meant I can dress completely differently in class.

You see the ladies that do Yoga and Pilates generally come with a full face of make up and the most luxurious gym kit around (including matching socks and mats – who knew?). Nobody is in black, and nobody looks scruffy – in fact a lot of the ladies that surround me in my classes clearly spend their entire salary/monthly allowance in Sweaty Betty.

Athleisure is now de-rigour – I know plenty of people that wear their gym kit daily with the excuse of ‘going to’ or ‘coming back from’ the gym – but really I know this is just an excuse. They dress this way because it’s easy (lazy?) and because everyone has jumped onto the Atheleisure bandwagon, you can look just as good in Tesco F&F as you do in Fendi. The real difference, of course being quality, but who cares when you can buy a pair of yoga pants for less than £20 and look like you mean business.

Personally I prefer mid range brands. I like quality materials and I like a good fit and you do generally get what you pay for. Having said that TK Maxx regularly has brilliantly priced, high quality American and Australian gym wear for a fraction of the price of Sweaty Betty, which incidentally I don’t own any of. I do however own a lot a Lucas Hugh, but I only buy when it’s on sale as £250 is a bit excessive for Yoga pants that need washing daily.

My friend has recently launched a gym wear company and whilst her timing and product is right, it’s been an enormous challenge to get her brand recognised and widely known. With anyone and everyone entering the market it’s difficult to make your brand stand out from the competition without serious funding. And, unless you’re an athlete who recognises the benefits of breathable performance fabrics, you don’t necessarily want to pay a price premium for a technical product. Unfortunately people just want style and comfort for the price of a class these days.

If I could go back 25 years I would probably have liked to have been a personal trainer, mainly because I could have spent my days in Lycra (although gladly I didn’t choose to do this as I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as lucrative as my chosen career).

So, as one of the lazy crew who, given the choice (and if I didn’t have to work) would gladly spend her days in Lycra (despite my vast, vast wardrobe) this is what I’ll be wearing to the gym this spring.

I only ever wear ZaaZee’s top. They are beautifully cut and retain their elasticity no matter how many times you wash them. I’ve got these tops in every colour and they go with everything.


My favourite pants by far are Lucas Hugh. I have ‘big’ thighs and a very small waist and these make me look more compact than I actually am. They are also the only pants that don’t give me stomach cramps if I wear them for over an hour. They are pricey, but if you buy them in the sale, or for less than half price at they are well worth the investment.


From left to right clockwise:

Lucas Hugh, Rebel Leggings, £230 Buy here:

Koral at £62.50 Buy here:

Adidas by Stella McCartney at £65 Buy here:

Nike at £25 Buy here:

Lucas Hugh at £78 Buy here:

Adidas by Stella McCartney £56 Buy here:

Don’t waste time; get that bikini body ready for summer.

TuttiSweetie x

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