I Hate Fast Fashion

I’m going to be controversial and just say it. I hate fast fashion. Not because I’m a snob, I’m not. But because cheap clothes mean cheap fabric, poor craftsmanship and result in ill fitting garments that don’t even last the season.

I hate what the high street has become. I know from time to time a factory burns or falls down and everyone gets a conscience and decides to boycott cheaper retailers who choose to use child labour. But as soon as the newsprint is dry everyone’s back out there buying six pairs of socks for £1.50 and replica Mary Katranzou jumpers for less than a tenner.

Me, I rarely buy from the high street for myself (well I haven’t done for the past 30 years anyway). I do, however confess to buying it for my daughter. She absolutely loves Zara, which is unfortunate for me since it’s at the upper end of the price scale. I have to say their designs are good, they set their own agenda and don’t just replicate what’s on the catwalk, the same however can’t be said of the quality of the materials they choose to use and the craftsmanship of their produce. Only a week after spending £70 on a new winter coat the insides were coming away at the seams. My daughter wears clothes hard and I know Zara jackets probably aren’t made for the playground, but I still expected it to last longer than seven days without me resorting to needle and thread.

Personally I prefer to buy quality clothes, albeit I rarely pay full price. This is one of the benefits of not being a dedicated follower of fashion (see earlier blog), the fact that I like clothes for the look of them, the shape, the style, the fabric and the cut means that I can scour the likes of Yoox.com and TheOutnet.com as well as the sale sections of Net-a-porter.com, Matchesfashion.com, Mytheresa.com and Avenue32.com and buy out of season pieces, for a fraction of the price. In Yoox.com’s case you can sometimes get up to 90% off.

It doesn’t really matter what size I buy either since most tailors will ‘make it fit’. I use Stitches (http://www.stitchesuk.co.uk) – they have always been brilliant about customising my sale buys, I can buy one size down from my regular size (and they’ll either take it out or put a panel in) or two sizes up in which case they’ve got lots of material to play with. Personally I don’t care whether it comes from 2016 or 2006, in which case, like the vast majority of my wardrobe, it’s classed as vintage anyway.

My friends say it doesn’t matter what I wear I can carry it off – and they are the ones obsessed with fashion. They say I don’t care what I look like, I just thrown on any old thing and can look good, but that’s not actually true. The reason I can ‘throw on any old thing and look good’ is because I invest in good quality clothes that will last me my lifetime, and if she stops growing, my daughter’s too.

TuttiSweetie x

Clothes below from yoox.com or TheOutnet.com by Mary Katrantzou, Christopher Kane and Peter Pilotto – all bought at a fraction of the RRP price.




















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