Holiday Packing Dilemmas

I’m going to Burma next week. I know I should call it by it’s real name (Myanmar) but whenever people ask me where I’m going on my holidays and I say Myanmar, they look at me totally clueless so I have to explain it’s Burma.

I’ve always wanted to explore Myanmar. I love South East Asia, it’s definitely my spiritual place. I love the culture, the people, the history, the art, the environment, the weather and even the food (and I can give or take that usually).

Over the past twenty years I’ve travelled extensively throughout SE Asia – dragging my small child along the way. I went to Cambodia shortly after Pol Pot died and witnessed at first hand the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and the devastation they left behind. I returned ten years later to witness a very different country, and not all for the better.

So, with the political situation softening we’re taking the plunge and exploring whilst we can. These days you never know when things may change. We were in the process of booking a trip to Syria when the war broke out and I fear I’ll never be able to go there now, I worry there’s not much remaining of the historical treasures to see anyway.

No doubt after I’ve mastered the visa process, anxiety will set in. I get scared these days about being ‘supposedly intrepid’, I don’t know why, I’ve never read itineraries and I’ve never put too much thought into anything, or worried before, but the older I get the more worried I now become. Maybe it’s just the changing global landscape and world order?

Anyway, I digress, this post is supposed to be about packing for tropical climates.

It’s always a dilemma. Keeping cool, being practical, looking stylish, knowing that you’re probably spending considerable time on plans, cars, buses and trains which are dirty, not to mention travelling light (always my aim knowing that I’ll probably be spending 6 of my 14 days in transit).

So this is what I’ll be taking with me:

Six long kaftans

Two short kaftans

Three short dresses

Four bikinis – always Melissa Odabash

One pair of denim shorts

Four T-shirts – always Zoe Karsson

Leather jacket

Berghaus hiking boots

New Balance trainers

Ancient Greek Sandals

A selection my long frocks and kaftans
I’ll also be taking my Marc Jacobs small shoulder bag because it goes with everything and fits purse, lipstick and iphone and wetwipes without giving me shoulder ache.

If you’re travelling to hot climes this Spring/Summer like me and want some wardrobe ideas for a capsule wardrobe read on.

If I were starting from scratch (and didn’t already have £000’s worth of Summer clothes that I only wear for six weeks a year) I’d be buying these (which I’ll probably do anyway…)

From left to right clockwise:


Melissa Odabash Kaftan from TheOutnet £149.60 Buy here:

Roberto Cavalli Maxi dress from Net-a-Porter £1610 Buy here:

Ulla Johnson Embroidered dress £355 Buy here:

Daft dress from £280 Buy here:

Figue kaftan from £425 Buy here:

Rhode Resort wrap maxi dress from Matches £227 Buy here:


Camilla kaftan from £595 Buy here:


Melissa Odabash Bikini £93.00 Buy here:

Current Elliot shorts from £83.25 Buy here:


Ancient Greek Sandals from £150 Buy here:

Skinnydip body bag £20.00 (reduced) Buy here:

Anyway, if you’re off on holiday somewhere hot like me – bon voyage!

Tutti-Sweetie x

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