My Favourite #ootd #outfits This Week (8th April 2017)

This was supposed to be my final week of wearing Christopher Kane clothes for 30 consecutive days. I honestly didn’t realise I owned so many beautiful pieces from his collections over the past 10 years. I have however realised two things:

1.I have very definitely underestimated the amount that I own and can easily do another two weeks, possibly more (which I will do on return from my Easter vacation), and 2. I don’t seem to own anything from 2011 – nothing that I can find in my vast wardrobe anyway. I have no idea what I was doing that year? Mind you, when you’re a newish mother you lurch from year to year wondering where it went every year. But the weird thing is I actually think I like SS11 and AW11 the best of all the collections, which baffles me even more as to why I don’t have anything from this year?

To rectify this I will give Vestaire a go. I’ve never bought second hand clothes before and I hate fakes, but I figure Vestaire has a great reputation. The clothes are all certified before they are sent to their purchasers, and they clearly only support high-end sellers who clearly love quality brands.

So, I’m off on holiday somewhere tropical and I won’t  be taking any of the remaining outfits with me – it will be kaftans, bikinis and shorts only for the next three weeks for me. But when get back to the UK I’ll return to this challenge until I run out of items.

What this experience really has shown me is that clothes as beautiful as this deserve to be worn and not saved for best and I’ve not worn some of these items for over half a decade. Not once has anyone questioned how old a piece is. Or derided me for wearing summer clothes in winter. That’s because every single item that I own transcends the seasons well. I purposely don’t buy ‘fashion’, I buy classic pieces that I know will suit me as I age and which can be passed down to my daughter and her daughter in generations to come.These are my favourite outfits of the week (from left to right clockwise):

Pink crepe and taffeta puffball skirt – AW14 and watermark silk crocodile clip top SS14

Grey silk and mesh botanical lazer cut dress – SS14

Black sparkle crepe dress – AW14

Black face hoodie – Menswear SS14

Grey flower brocade peplum dress – SS12

Purple watermark silk dress with black leather piping – AW12

Tutti-Sweetie x

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