My Favourite #ootd #outfits this week (6th May 2017)

Yup, I’m still wearing Christopher Kane. I wanted to prove that if you buy quality clothes they never go out of fashion and I hope that I have done just that.

For the past six weeks I’ve been wearing a different Christopher Kane outfit (from my wardrobe) every single day (barring my holiday in Myanmar) and not once have felt that I was wearing inappropriate unfashionable clothes – even when they were almost a decade old.

I’ve said before that I hate fast fashion. I hate poor quality clothes and I hate fashion fads that have people lurching from bell sleeves to cropped jeans in the space of six months. I know that this is how the clothing industry makes money but it is simply not necessary. And if everybody bought a few less clothes, but of a superior quality then maybe the world would be a better place.

Environmental concerns really bother me these days and not just because I’m getting older. For the past couple of years I’ve holidayed in the East and I’m devastated by what we’re doing from a pollution point of view. It’s only when you visit the East and realise that you don’t have a hope in hell’s chance of seeing blue sky that you really see what we’re doing to the planet.

What was most shocking on my recent vacation to Myanmar (Burma) was that pollution had reached there and they have zero manufacturing, their main source of income coming from agriculture and farming. But being so closely situated to the Chinese, Cambodian, Bangladesh  and Indian borders the haze of smog was travelling across and literally suffocating the country.

Anyway, my aim will always be to support the Fashion industry, particularly the British fashion industry and young British designers by buying quality clothing that will last forever.


My favourite outfits from this week are as follows: (left to right clockwise)

MRI Brainscan sweatshirt – AW13, Christopher Kane for JBrand black jeans

Silk cloud print dress – Resort 10

Gingham corset dress – SS10

Silk skirt and Primrose t-shirt  – SS14

Mesh and velvet piped dress – AW 09

Neon and black lace dress – Resort 15






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