My Favourite #ootd #outfits this week (19th May 2017)

I’m still wearing Christopher Kane. It turns out I had much more of his clothing than I’d originally anticipated  – I am nearing the end though – I’ve got about 10 more outfits left to complete my challenge.

It’s been an interesting experience, not least because I’ve had to dig out clothes from my wardrobe which I’ve not seen for a decade or more. I’m a hoarder you see. I don’t give away my clothes and I don’t e-bay them or sell them via a clothing exchange. I can’t see why you would do that? Why sell beautiful items that you’ve saved so hard for? In my opinion everything comes back into fashion eventually.

Having said that, I don’t think the clothes that I’ve been wearing for the past two months ever went out of fashion. This is because designer clothes are made to last, to transcend seasons and to avoid the cliche of being ‘in fashion’ for only a couple of minutes.

Anyway, in my opinion it’s worth investing in quality. I don’t see the point in spending £70 on a high street dress that lasts a few weeks then falls apart. Or shock horror, you see 20 people wearing walking down the local high street, when you can spend £700 on a designer dress which you can wear weekly and will still look just as good in 10 years later. Cost per wear designer clothes outweigh the high street every time (and you’ll rarely see anyone looking the same as you, aside from the odd celebrity of course).

So here are my favourite outfits of the week (top left to right clockwise):


Iris print bodycon dress – AW10

Face t-shirt – SS10 and silver lame skirt – SS15

Atomic skirt and plain black t-shirt – Resort 10

Silk and mirror dress Christopher Kane for Topshop – 2009

Anatomical flower print dress – Resort 14

Neon bodycon Christopher Kane for Topshop – 2009



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